Hostal Las Margaritas en Tarifa

Playas de Valdevaqueros y Los Lances Tarifa


Windsurf Tarifa Hostal Las MargaritasTarifa is located between two natural parks Parque Natural de los Alcornocales and Parque Natural del Estrecho; between two seas, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and to top it all, has the best sandy white beaches in Europe.
Tarifa offers the visitor a host of activities for all tastes and ages.

For the sports enthusiast Tarifa is a European paradise, playing host to the top surf sports as well as scuba diving. Mountain bike routes and climbing are also well attended offering challenge, covering all levels. Anything you do here, no matter your sport, it’s made all the more enjoyable with the unique natural surroundings at its heart.

Galopar por Los Lances TarifaFor nature lovers there are an infinite amount of trails and paths within the two Natural Parks, laden with rich flora and fauna. Also recommended are the boat trips to see whales and dolphins. The Straits of Gibraltar, with only 14km between the European and the African coast, is a great place to find these and other wildlife. Tarifa is also the last resting point for birds from all across Europe, before and after their migrations to Africa.

A horseback ride is another wonderful way to explore the area. In Tarifa there are several stables that have horses and near by trails; with short and easy routes for beginners, as well as long and more challenging routes for experienced riders, with the posibility of exciting gallops along the beach.

Castillo Santa Catalina TarifaCulturally Tarifa is also rich. The old town offers history and monuments such as the Castle of Guzman el Bueno , the old wall with its Puerta de Jerez, as well as several churches and monuments. Nearby are trails passing by tombs over 10,000 years old and cave paintings – some of the oldest in Europe. In Bolonia all EU citizens can visit the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia for free: one of the best preserved Roman cities in Spain.

For a trip into Moroccan culture, Tarifa is also the ideal spot – close to Tangier where you can obtain a variety of guided tours daily. If you wish to explore Morocco on your own don’t forget your passport, which must be valid for at least 6 months at the time of entry to Morocco.



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