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Buceo en Tarifa


Diving in Tarifa between two Seas

Buceo Tarifa Hostal Las MargaritasTarifa is a paradise for diving. Here where the Mediterranean and Atlantic meet lies a unique underwater world with it’s special flora and fauna.
The diving here is a great experience as the usually clear water, has an average visibility of about 15m. You can easily encounter different types of plants and animals such as mullets, bream, eels, sunfish, sea turtles, nudibranchs (sea slugs and sea cucumbers), various snails and bivalves, kelp and other algae, sea anemones and more.

Thanks to the mild temperatures throughout the year and water temperatures between 16° and 20° you can dive well in any season.Tortuga marina Tarifa


The best starting point for diving is the Isla de las Palomas. Here, there is a small bay between the Island and Playa Chica, where you can perform the “baptism” (your introduction to diving). Of course elsewhere this would be done in a pool, but in Tarifa it can be done in the shallow waters near the island, which of course is much nicer.

Around the island there are many beautiful dive sites, including some sunken ships.

Barcos hundidos TarifaThese waters here belong to the Natural Park of the Strait so are particularly protected. There are very strict laws regarding fishing in some areas and access restricted. To avoid legal problems and to find the best dive sites – such as shipwrecks and the best places for flora and fauna – you should engage the services of local diving schools who perform boat dives daily and where you can rent all the necessary equipment.

In the port of Tarifa you will find schools that offer a variety of courses for PADI license dives and for divers with experience. As diving is a risky sport you must submit a medical certificate to take courses. This certificate can be obtained in Tarifa with ease. Divers are required to be in possession of a license according to your diving level.


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