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Climbing in Tarifa in the Natural Park of the Strait.

Escalada Tarifa BetisNear Tarifa, in Betis, you’ll find several climbing areas, surrounded by nature with breathtaking views.

Even the paths to the climbing areas are worth undertaking because from Betis you can enjoy wonderful panoramic views across the bay from Punta Paloma to the Island of Tarifa, the Natural Park, the Atlantic and Africa.
In Betis there are several climbing areas, San Bartolo Zona de Arriba, the Canuto del Arca and the Tajo del Búho s.

The preferred area for climbers is San Bartolo Zona de Arriba, which is divided into several routes of all levels:
1: Los Cernícalos
2: El Cancho
3: La Habitación
4: Los Alcornoques
5: Mariano
6: Vudú
7: Los Buitres
8: La Armónica
9: Jardín Erótico
10: Los Bloques

In the Tajo del Búho the routes are:
11: Los Bordillos
12: Arapiles
13: Mosaico
14: Isla del Tesoro
15: El Panal

Escalada Tarifa Hostal Las Margaritas

All areas within the Natural Park carry strict regulations of use. Camping is prohibited, you can only use established paths and in general you should try respectfully to the local flora and fauna. In the Tajo del Búho area climbing from March 1st is prohibited until August 31, as in this are nest several endangered bird species, especially vultures.
These regulations don’t cause much of a bother as there are plenty of alternatives, such as the climbing at San Bartolo de Arriba, where the natural surrounds and panoramic views outweigh any limitations.


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