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Excursion a Tanger

Excursion to Tanger

Day Trip to Morocco

Only 14km separate Tarifa from the Moroccan coast. The nearest towns are Ceuta and Tangier. Ceuta can be reached only by Algeciras, but between Tarifa and Tangier several ferries operate daily.

From Tarifa, Africa can be seen clearly, which increases the temptation for a short break to what is another continent. The journey takes about 35 minutes, but leave an hour for embarking and disembarking.

There is no other European city where it’s so easy to submerge yourself for a few hours in Moroccan culture. The port of Tangier is near the Medina, the old town. Here, there are small cafes and colorful bazaars where you can buy anything. The new city also has a lot to offer its visitors. The Kasbah with the Sultan’s palace Dar-al-Makhzen is worth seeing. The palace was built by the Pasha Ahmed ben Ali ben Abd Allah al-Rifi (1691-1710) and is one of the most important monuments of Tangier.

An excursion to the scenic spots of Cape Spartel and the Caves of Hercules, where according to legend Hercules slept before stealing apples from the garden of the Hesperides, should also be included in a tour.
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