Hostal Las Margaritas en Tarifa

Special Offer Pack KiteSurf

We are introducing new Offer KiteSurf in collaboration with the school AtlanticKite in Tarifa.

This offer consists of a course of two days to at least 5 days maximum as a group of up to 4 people. They are not private or semi-private courses. You will be assigned the rest of the group based on their level.

The course includes a night hostel for kite day.

For more information see the price table below or AtlanticKite website.

Prices by Person and disponibility vary depending on season *.

“Click” on the image to enlarge.
* High Season: 16/07 – 31/08
* Mid Season: 01/06 – 15/07, September, Christmas, holidays weekends and weekends of April and May.

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