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Horse Riding


Riding in Tarifa

On top of a horse is one of the nicest ways to get to know Tarifa and it’s surrounds.

Galopar por Los Lances TarifaIn Tarifa riding has always formed part of the traditions. Generally you will ride pure bred Spanish horses, also known as the Andalucian, infamous for it’s beauty and nobility. There are of course other breeds and crosses too.

The endless white sandy beaches invite galloping and the natural forest parks offers relaxing rides in nature.


In the village itself there are no stables, but just a few miles from the village there are several stables and studs. Most stables offer both traditional cowboy style or classic English saddle.

montar a caballo TarifaMost stables offer both short or easy routes for beginners and longer and more demanding routes for experienced riders. Do check however as there are some companies that don’t accept beginners only by arrangement.

The routes – depending on the stable, the time you want and experience of the rider – will take you along the broad beaches, over mountains and through the pine forests. In the area of Punta Paloma, Betis and Bologna you can find ancient tombs and remains of ancient Roman quarries.

The horse trails are led by expert guides. During the holidays horses are in high demand so it is recommended to reserve in advance. When you reserve you must indicate the riders level of experience, size and weight. Of course we here to assist you with choosing and booking and the appropriate ride.


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