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Tarifa, the southernmost tip of Europe, on the Costa de la Luz

The small town of Tarifa is the southernmost point of mainland Europe. Here at the Strait of Gibraltar the Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet.Africa and Morocco, just 14km on the opposite shore can be easily seen from several viewpoints in Tarifa. There are hourly ferries to Tangier in Morocco. The day trips taking you into Moroccan culture are an attractive offering for all ages.

Castillo Santa Catalina Tarifa

Tarifa is a town steeped in history and is thus incorporated into the route of the “pueblos blancos”. These ‘white villages are a symbol of the Andalusian charm, with their great tradition attracting tourists from around the world. Tarifa’s history has a turbulent past, as all important cultures such as Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Christians, have left their mark and have contributed to the formation of the culture, tradition and cuisine of Tarifa.

Tarifa offers a culinary variety that attracts both Spanish and international tourists. Bluefin tuna has always been one of the most emblematic foods of the region. This is caught in Tarifa and other towns of the Costa de la Luz by the traditional way of the Almadraba. Bluefin tuna is prized worldwide and can be enjoyed in several exclusive restaurants in Tarifa.

In the historical district of the town and in several hotels near the beaches are a large number of restaurants and tapas bars. The nightlife takes place in bars, pubs and clubs, mainly. but not exclusively located in the old town.

Tarifa Playa Chica Because of the strong winds Tarifa never became overdeveloped, so has been able to retain it’s original characteristics, charm and friendliness. With the advent of the sport of windsurfing in Tarifa in the 80s, what was a small fishing village turned into one of the favorite tourist destinations in Spain.
It’s Mediterranean climate is pleasant throughout the year, so that in summer, when temperatures inside and Sevilla and Cordoba can hit the 50 ° Tarifa rarely exceeds a balmy 35 º. Winter temperatures seldom fall below the 10 º and so is the perfect season to explore the surrounding national parks.

Tarifa is located between two national parks, the Parque Natural de los Alcornocales -the largest cork oak forest in Europe, and the Parque Natural del Estrecho which includes both the coastal marine area with it’s dolphin and whales. The protection of these areas and their proximity to Africa makes the area the most important point for all migratory birds in Europe, which can be spotted especially in spring and autumn.

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